About 21habit

Most of us have things we’d like to change about ourselves, and the change is often something we want to start doing, or stop doing, daily. 21habit is a (very) simple tool you use daily to help you make or break habits. The concept is simple; tell us the habit you want to make or break and then check-in daily to indicate whether you met your goal for that day.

But there’s a twist. 21habit has a feature that we think will make it more successful helping you make or break habits, and will also help fund worthwhile charities.

Though 21habit has a free trial mode, to really use 21habit as it was intended you need to invest real money in your habit, $21 for 21 days. You put in $21 up front. Every day you succeed at your goal you get $1 back. Every day you fail at your goal you forfeit $1. 21habit.com donates all the money you forfeit to charity. The point is, if your goal is to quit drinking and you drink on a certain day, you forfeit $1. Not a lot, but not nothing. If you drink, but lie and say you didn’t, then you’re cheating a charity. Jerk.

In case you were wondering, you can edit your habit, stop your habit, or withdraw the remaining funds you invested at any time. No hard feelings, we promise.

We just launched, so the site’s not perfect, but it works (warts and all). There are a lot of things we could add. We’ll add some features that we think will make people more successful at making or breaking habits, but we’ll also try to keep it simple. Oh, and we won’t be adding daily deals (probably not, anyway).

Thanks for trying out 21habit. If you have constructive feedback (i.e. complaints or criticism), please send us feedback. If you love the site feel free to Like us on Facebook or tweet about it to your 15,000 followers, daily.

Yours habitually,
The 21habit team (Ian, Himanshu, Pranav, and Hemanth)

P.S. If you want to follow our progress you can follow us on Twitter @21habit.