21habit is the self-funded side project of several Seattle area technologists who want to help people successfully make or break habits. Here's the team:

Himanshu Khurana Pranav Goel
Himanshu Khurana (founder) conceived and built as a side project. He holds a masters degree from Carnegie Mellon University and has worked at for several years in software engineering, engineeeing leadership and product roles. He is particularly interested in making a positive impact in people's lives(@linkedin / @twitter)        Pranav Goel (founder) conceived and built Pranav is a technology professional who is passionate about launching startups that make a positive impact. He is particularly interested in the applications of social media to solve real world challenges..
Ian McAllister          
Ian McAllister (founder) is responsible for the business, product, and communication aspects of 21habit, and he does some coding on the side. At his day job, Ian leads several teams and heads up new traffic and customer growth initiatives at He’s active on Quora (profile) and Twitter (@ianmcall).                    

You can reach the team by sending us feedback or you can follow us on Twitter at @21habit.